We Respect the Environment


Gore Fabrics constantly strives to act with the highest integrity and responsibility and has an ongoing commitment to meeting or exceeding all applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and voluntary standards that we have adopted.

Our environmental approach is based on sound science, Life Cycle Assessment and durability of our products.


Gore was one of the first companies in its industry to start out on the path to reducing its environmental footprint by applying a Life Cycle Assessment as an ecological evaluation tool. We strive to continually improve the environmental impact of our products, processes without compromising on their performance.


Gore pioneered solvent-free adhesives for manufacturing garment laminates


Introduction of the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise ensuring a finished garment’s fitness for use


Gore Fabrics adopts a Life Cycle Assessment as an ecological evaluation tool to assess the environmental influences of a finished product


As the first manufacturer, Gore introduces a recycling system for functional garments "The GORE BALANCE PROJECT" program


Introduction of the GORE® Cover System, a world leading technology for composting organic waste streams


"European Outdoor Award for Innovation for "GORE BALANCE PROJECT" recycling program


Gore begins working with the OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard for textile product safety


GORE Cover becomes the global leading composting technology used in more than 150 organic waste treatment plants


Gore actively participates in the efforts of the outdoor industry to systematically improve the environmental impacts of its products including safely managing chemicals


Gore Fabrics starts to implement the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 in its manufacturing plants
All Gore Fabrics manufacturing sites are certified by the bluesign® system


Gore switches its durable water repellency (DWR) treatment for its consumer fabrics from C8-based to more environmentally friendly alternatives


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) unveiles the Higg Index. Gore Fabrics is a founding member.
More than 25% of the GORE-TEX laminate volume for consumer garments for the Autumn/Winter 2013 retail season contains bluesign® approved Gore fabrics


Gore published Life Cycle Assessment results for the first time for functional outerwear.
ISO 14001 certification of the Gore manufacturing site in Shenzhen, China.


Gore Fabrics completed elimination of PFOA from raw material of its functional fabrics by end of 2013
Gore Fabrics published its first Responsibility Update
We published Life Cycle Assessment results for a typical pair of GORE-TEX hiking boots
More than 50% of the GORE-TEX laminate volume for consumer garments are "bluesign® approved Gore Fabrics"

Life Cycle Assessment

Results of Life Cycle Assessments show that the best way to minimize the environmental footprint of our products is to enhance their durability.

Product Stewardship

To ensure the highest quality and safety of our products, Gore Fabrics is partner of bluesign® standard and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.


Fluorochemicals have a broad range of physical attributes and unique properties. Many of them are used in industry and food applications including consumer goods.

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