Repair Information

Although GORE-TEX products are renowned for their durability, sometimes under extreme or rugged use an accident happens resulting in a small tear or puncture in your garment.

Field Repair
A GORE-TEX fabric Repair Kit allows you to make instant repairs to preserve the waterproof integrity of your outerwear when you’re out in the field. GORE-TEX fabric Repair Kits can be purchased from outdoor retailers and online. These kits contain press-on adhesive patches, precut to standard shapes that usually don’t require trimming. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the repair kit to apply the patch effectively. While patches will provide temporary protection from leakage, they are not recommended for permanent repairs.

Permanent Repairs
For permanent repairs of punctures and tears, contact a certified GORE-TEX product Repair Centre. 

Repair Centre Contact Details:


Remote Repairs Equipment  
Factory 40,
22-30 Wallace Ave Point Cook,
Victoria 3030.

Phone: 03 8360 7113
Fax: 03 8360 7114
Email : [email protected]

New Zealand:

402 Tuam Street, Phillipstown
Christchurch 8011

Phone: (03) 943 4444
Email: [email protected]