How you benefit
Totally Windproof. Maximum Breathability.

Water Resistant

When you're a mile from home on your evening walk or run, a light shower plus an icy wind could numb your hands. Our technology protects you - because we know drier hands stay warmer, longer, and keep you more comfortable.


Totally windproof means exactly that. We have higher standards than most, because we know that even a light breeze can chill your fingers. Even if you’re speeding down an incline in mid-winter, your fingers stay nimble and your hands stay comfortable.

Very Breathable

Our technology is designed to be as breathable as possible. Billions of pores in the protective membrane inside your gloves are big enough to let sweat vapor escape. Whether you’re running five times a week, or playing with your family for five hours in the park.


You’re only fifteen minutes into a 2-hour mountain bike route. A cold crosswind kicks in. To safely grip the bar and use your brakes, your fingers need to stay warm and comfortable. GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® Gloves are designed to block the wind, and to fit snugly around your fingers. Plus they’re very breathable and water resistant. So if you’re halfway down a hill on your bicycle, or just rushing around town doing chores before a vacation, your gloves keep you warmer, and more comfortable, for longer.