How you benefit

Comfort fit

Our technology is made to disappear. Lightweight and expertly integrated, you get fewer pressure points, no wrinkles, and no noise.

A true fit and feel as a non-protective shoe, now with the protection with GORE-TEX invisible fit footwear.

Very breathable

The GORE-TEX membrane integrated in each shoe contains pores that are much smaller than water drops, but far bigger than sweat vapor. So your asphalt-pounding feet get to breathe.

Durably waterproof

They may look and fit just like your favorite running shoes, but our technology makes them durably waterproof. From summer rains to winter puddles, you can run through them all.

GORE-TEX invisible fit footwear

Whether you’re a casual city jogger or training for a marathon, don’t let the weather dictate when you get out there. GORE-TEX invisible fit technology offers the fit, feel, and style you want, together with the GORE-TEX GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise.

Designed to be lighter, more flexible, and more comfortable, our technology is made for going the extra mile. And further.



Some GORE-TEX Footwear features a unique construction that combines stretch laminates, lining textiles, and connection seams. This ensures your foot stays protected from the weather, while avoiding wrinkles or folds in the instep area. The technology also offers durable stretch and recovery, allowing your footwear to take you further.