Engineered for the extreme

GORE-TEX Pro products

GORE-TEX Pro products

Garments made with 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro fabric are durably waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable. They combine comfort with reliable weather protection, even during extended activities in extreme weather.

The fabric’s construction keeps your body dry by reducing the accumulation of sweat, so you remain cool during aerobic activities and warm during cool-down. Made to meet the high demands of (ski)mountaineers, freeriders, mountain guides and serious outdoor enthusiasts, garments made with 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro fabric are engineered with added durability to withstand abrasion in rugged environments while protecting against extreme and unpredictable conditions with frequent work-rest cycles.


Ideal for

  • Mountaineering
  • Freeriding
  • Climbing
  • Ski mountaineering


Extremely rugged and durable materials

Reliable, durable protection, even in rugged environments and extreme conditions. Long lasting performance and longer life of the garment.

Extremely breathable (RET <6)

Minimised risk of sweat accumulation and maximised comfort at high activity levels or during activities with frequent work rest cycles.

Durably water- and windproof

Reliable weather protection throughout the garment’s entire lifetime, even for extended periods in extreme conditions.


GORE-TEX Pro products for mountainsport activities exclusively utilise a revolutionary, patent pending, 100 % ePTFE-based multilayer membrane system with a unique microstructure. The membrane is durably bonded to both the outer material and a specially developed robust inner lining. Outer materials that meet strict performance criteria (denier ≥40) and the patented, thin, low denier Gore Micro Grid Backer technology which enhances breathability, reduces weight, internal abrasion and snag resistance are paired with a demanding garment design specification to ensure the high performance of 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro products.


Extreme Wet Weather construction

Advanced garment design techniques are used to create garments that deliver superior protection against extreme and extended wet weather conditions. They are engineered to pass Gore's most aggressive rain test, simulating extended vertical and horizontal wind-driven rain.

Gore Micro Grid backer
Outer fabric
Outer fabric
Gore Micro Grid backer

This is a thin, low-denier, low-density woven fabric backer and is used instead of a tricot knit. It allows the garment to slide easily over internal layers.

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Everyday versatility

GORE-TEX products

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX fabrics are durably waterproof and windproof, combined with optimised breathability—enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer.

Engineered for the extreme

GORE-TEX Pro products

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX Pro fabrics are built for maximized ruggedness and are ideal for extreme and extended use.

Fast pace, high intensity

GORE-TEX Active products

Garments engineered with GORE-TEX Active fabrics are built for extreme breathability and are ideal for highly aerobic, done-in-a-day activities.